Internet Law: From Siberian Vodka to a Smorgasbord of Misery

A Conversation with Richard Chapo, California based Internet Lawyer

After a year in Siberia testing the theories behind drinking Vodka, he returned to America where he has made a significant name for himself in the area of Internet Law. It’s time that people sit and listen to this conversation after all you deserve it and it could save you A LOT of money!

We had the opportunity to talk to one of the best about some very granular but absolutely critical parts of your site that if approached incorrectly could significantly impact your companies valuation. We also get more in-depth about DHCP and GDPR, and trust me, if you do nothing more than taking a listen to this podcast it will save you a lot of stress hardship and surprise legal costs!

Show Quotes:

You need to think about the valuation. It’s not the website that holds the value, its the actual client list and email list.

If you don’t have the check the box, courts are almost always going to say that customers are not bound by your terms and conditions.

It’s a bit difficult to summarize the GDPR!

In the US we do not have a Federal Privacy Law.

In Europe Privacy is considered a human right

Once you get into the GDPR its a smorgasbord of misery

The basic idea is that you need a legal basis for collecting information from people.

Most companies are not ready for the GDPR, they’re just not!

(GDPR) Its a fundamental change in how we do business online.

If you are selling into the EU … its bad time right now, and you need to make some fundamental decisions about where the future is headed.

The idea of the SplinterNet … is happening, and will continue to happen.

We are heading into a very rough time on the web.

Just to be clear they (GDPR) define personal information as pretty much anything, literally anything!

It’s like the warning sheets on your mattress, it’s just ludicrous.

In my personal view, data collection has probably gotten a little out of control.

Their business model is to collect as much personal information as possible, monetize it and sell it; and the GDPR tries to strike a death blow to that business model.

Even with something as horrible as the GDPR don’t get too worked up about it, just put it on your to-do list; it should be on the top.

Links from the Cast:
LinkedIn: Richard A. Chapo, Esq
Website: Internet Law

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