Is cognitive technology improving eCommerce?

A Conversation with David Killebrew

David Killebrew, Retail Expert | Executive | Business Advisor | Technophile
Lifelong career in retail, ecommerce and social media, with a passion for building businesses to succeed. Dave is an IBM Influencer and Futurist, and superior business mind. His skills include sourcing, negotiating, implementing and developing product assortments for,, Slingshot Products, Mervyn’s, Brookstone, Discovery Channel Store, Home Express and RobinsonsMay.


Dave Killebrew Quotes – ” “

“I’m like Barnie from How I Met Your Mother, nobody knows what I do!”

“Marketing, Commerce and Supply Chain systems for business are out there, are now up and launched!”

“It was interesting to see someone who was an outsider to the company talk about how it helped their business.”

“We do have systems out there that are learning, are working for you, to make your business better, finally instead of all this Sci-Fi Star Trek talk we have been hearing for the past 4 or 5 years.”

“All the big players are messing with AI, RIGHT NOW, and trying to figure it out.”

“I don’t think the average person realizes how many aspects of the business are being impacted by this.”

“The thing you’re going to be able to apply to your business and apply in the future is Data & Communication.”

“We are in a time where we have the opportunity for small business to come into play, exceed and do well!”

“There are systems available now that you can bring in… that can integrate and communicate data you don’t want to spend days looking for.”

“It’s giving it to every department in a cohesive fashion so everyone knows what’s going on.”

“Ultimately it’s not business … we are all working towards making a homogenous business … to where you are not siloed.”

“This is such a benefit, it’s able to look at a macro view of your company by having all the detailed work done for each department given to you as a suggestion.”

“Customer engagement, that’s not important, Nah I’m just kidding!”

“It allows you to give efficient communications … great interactions, and allows you to predict what is wanted and needed.”

“It’s getting almost to where cognitive is predicting what we need.”

“The are taking this vast store of data and using this to try and understand how we think.”

“Taking a lot of wasted time … and shortening the process so you can get done with that process.”

“How often is the person browsing actually shopping?”

“It’s the person who is purposeful that gets in and gets out that you’re trying to capture and maximize as soon as possible.”

“Things need to change… the way we did things in the 20th-century isn’t necessarily correct.”

“I think we need to look at business differently, and ourselves differently.”

“If we continue to improve the systems but not ourselves we are just going to run into a block wall.”

“Think as a leader instead of me too.”

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