Whats the Roll of Merchandising in Ecommerce?

Merchandising in ecommerce, how do you make the following definition work for you in a digital realm? Well this is what I am here to try and solve with you on todays show.

Merchandising is any practice which contributes to the sale of products to a retail consumer. At a retail in-store level, merchandising refers to displaying products that are for sale in a creative way that entices customers to purchase more items or products.

I liked this definition as it speaks to a number of things that I think about when covering the world of ecommerce. Consider the words, “Creative way” This is what I refer to in many ways as customization and can be most easily applied to merchandising in ecommerce.

That said, trying to find the magic way to display your products in a digital realm can be much more difficult than in the physical one. In todays 16 mminute episode I cover this and more.

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