Need Quality Traffic? eCommerce Twitter Strategies to Start Today

A Conversation with Mike Kawula, CEO of Social Quant & Author of Twitter Marketing that Sells.


Would you spend 30-minutes optimizing your profile and implementing this strategy if it meant you could exponentially increase sales?

Mike Kawula wrote the book Twitter Marketing That Sells: How to Convert Your Twitter Followers into Business Dollars, is an Entrepreneur and CEO of Social Quant. He has an uncanny knack for making things seem so incredibly simple and this podcast has some very actionable eCommerce Twitter strategies you should take action on NOW!


A Conversation with Michael Kawula, quotes from the cast:

“You need a good optimized Twitter Profile”

“You need to be following the right people”

“If you follow the right people with an optimized Twitter profile your going to drive traffic to your website”

“You need to be engaged with your audience”

“People connect with people”

“Because Twitter is so fast and its moving you want to tweet ALOT!” – Michael Kawula

“Traffic to the website, relevant traffic, is going to drive sales for the business.”

“Twitter will turn into a faucet of traffic for your website”

5 Steps to an Optimized Twitter Profile:
1. Have a Good Twitter Cover:

    5 words or less
    Use social proof

2. Use a Quality Photo

3. Write an awesome BIO:

    No hash tags
    Not too salesy

4. Have a link to your website

5. *A Must: Use a Pinned Tweet


Links from the Cast:
Twitter: @MikeKawula
Social Quant: More Leads & Website Traffic
#TMTSchallenge: 14 Day Twitter Challenge

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