Pop-up Evolution: Easily Increase Email Acquisitions with Gamification, Urgency, and Exclusivity Today

A Conversation with Jack Paxton, Founder of

Today we talk to about ineffective generic pop-ups and the evolution of pop-ups. We talk about the importance of email campaigns and how you can grow your email lists in some unique ways by focusing on incentivizing and gamifying.

We spoke to Vin Clancy, The Infamous GrowthHacker and you will see his endorsements all over the net for this sort of approach, so it’s probably worth checking out! But most importantly, give this podcast a listen.

Tune in NOW for Why you need to introduce exclusivity urgency incentives and games into your email acquisition (sing-up) strategies.

Quotes and Show Notes:

“To incentivize someone to give up their email address is a little harder now.”

“We want a win win, where the customer wins and you as the website owner wins as well.”

“Page takeovers work a lot better than a small pop-up”

“Offer Value in exchange for the email address”

“You want almost 1/3rd of your revenue coming through email”

“Build your email list, because, it is the audience you can own and can never be taken away from you”

“People don’t take action unless you either incentivize them or you gamify it to make it fun”

“The core of everybody’s business is always going to email or some sort of direct communication with your customer”

“The guys we are seeing really crush it at the moment are the ones who can send out an email and generate thousands, tens of thousands of dollars all in a days work really.”

“Definitely invest in your email list”

“Spend some time really refining your email copy”

“Think about the drip process of your emails”

“Make sure your automation is all in place, especially in regards to your abandon carts”


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