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A Conversation with Greg Mercer, CEO & Founder of

So this was a really fun podcast! Greg Mercer is not only a brilliant guy when it comes to Amazon (A space he is really known for) but quite frankly a walking talking eCommerce success story and great guy, who practices and preaches giving back, and the founder of JungleScout: one of the best tools for finding new products to sell online.

We spoke of this tool in a cast with Steve Chou, and if you want to get some further tips on choosing products, you have to listen to this cast as well: Use these techniques for finding products to sell online today

Tune in NOW for one of the most practical steps and detailed podcasts with an in-depth formula for successfully starting an eCommerce business today.

Quotes and Show Notes:

“Selling products on Amazon… I was able to replace the income from my civil engineering job.”

“One of the roadblocks for me in scaling up my physical products Amazon business was the product research and the SKUs to add to my lineup.”

“Use it for … market intelligence.”

“Be Looking for products that meet these criteria…”

“The model I like best right now … private label or white labeling model”

“I like to find a factory for my products, usually in China”

“You build a brand that could potentially be much bigger than just on Amazon.”

“Get Factory Direct Pricing”

“Look for products that have existing demand!”

“Just give the people what they want!”

“Look for the number of reviews that your competitors’ listings have”

“I was blown away by how many factories there are that already make everything, it’s CRAZY!”

“Find factories that already make a similar product and start contacting them.”

“Jungle Sticks… It would be cool to just donate all this money to charity”

“Quitting my job … was by far the best decision I have ever made in life”

“I had all kinds of doubts!”

“Worst case scenario, I would just go back and get another engineering job!”

“There is no better time than NOW!”


Links from the Cast:
JungleScout: The tool for finding new products to sell
JS on Twitter: @junglescout
Greg on Twitter: @mercer_greg

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