Retargeting Ads: The Rocket Fuel You Need To Boost Online Revenues Yesterday!

A Conversation with Shadi Khattab, Owner of Shadi Ranks Digital Marketing, Pit Bull savior, bourbon aficionado, and a big fan of cloudy days

First off, I know there are more advanced technologies out there that allow for better personalization, as discussed so well on IBM’s THINK Marketing Hub article “Why personalization in advertising is more than just a fad” by Todd Wasserman. Who by the way, I just started following, where have I been? You should too – @ToddWasserman

I do, however, believe that this is something that every eCommerce entrepreneur MUST be doing regardless of other solutions. It’s simple to setup and NEEDS to be a part of every marketing strategy.

Think of it like this:

Retargeting Ads are like a jerry can, full of fuel and there when you need it!

Like Both Sujan Patel and Steve Chou mentioned on their casts, its a must!

Frankly, I would be stupid not to listen to those guys, and even dumber not to have an entire podcast episode dedicated to it. The time is now, to bring my friend Shadi Khattab onto the show to talk about PPC specific to Retargeting Ads.


Quotes and Show Notes:

I am not one who really cares about BUZZ words and industry jargon, but after the call, I got to thinking, Hmmm… Isn’t this Retargeting, and we called it Remarketing for the entire cast! Well if Google does it, then we will too!


“With Marketing, in general, you want to get in front of your customers as much as possible and stay relevant in their mind and that’s what remarketing does.”

“2% of the people who come to your site are actually going to buy.”

“On average you need to expose a person 5 – 7 times … to get them to convert.”

“It’s hard to differentiate window shoppers”

“Really be Relevant to what people are looking at!”

Ad Placement
“A whopping lot more money” – Did he really just say that! LOL (Sorry Shadi, just sounded funny)
“Filter out some of the placement … to maximize your ad spend”

“Capping is basically how many times your ad is shown”
“Avoid lessening your brand effectiveness through over exposure”

“Remarketing should definitely be part of your mix, and you should start it right away.”

“Run A/B tests and see what works and what doesn’t work”

“Measure and re-deploy and see what works to maximize your ROI”


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