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A Conversation with Del Reid, Founder of

Del Reid (@DelReid) joins the show today to talk to us about his successes and struggles in offering limited edition items for the social good. I wanted to talk to Del about his business model for a few reasons, first being that selling limited edition items is a great way to drive more immediate sales, but also from the aspect of giving back. In today’s age of retail and eCommerce, many businesses are looking for ways to give back in order to win over their customers, and I wanted to look at this from a different perspective. The perspective of making this the sole premise of the business model other than a marketing gimmick. Straight answers and authenticity are what I got out of Del and I am sure you will hear this throughout the interview as he shares with you today.

As we spoke I quickly became a FAN, of course being a KC Royals fan does not help this organization (Or myself really!) which is based in Buffalo, and branching out to Pittsburg and Chicago but I did become a fan of 26shirts and Del Reid.

While he often gets taken into questioning on social media that he is only doing this for the money, but it is clear to me that he is more about the giving back then the taking. I would hazard to guess he made more money in his past jobs than he does with this business and not because I think he is not doing well, in fact the business itself certainly is and is growing as I mentioned earlier, but the fact that his authentic nature and his focus on giving back, 500K to date, by the way, is what drives him and his business.

So as I explored further with him I quickly learned that his authenticity honesty and overall goodwill are the essence of the company and exactly why people not only buy, but REPEAT buy.

Have a listen and as always ENJOY.

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