SEO tips for eCommerce: How to Generate Positive Results

A Conversation with Jeff Oxford, eCommerce SEO expert
This show is all about SEO in eCommerce, so who better to interview than, Jeff Oxford one of the Top eCommerce SEO experts the world. We have a packed show covering everything from specific SEO strategies for eCommerce websites to the best eCommerce platforms for SEO.

We talk about some hidden secrets that are probably detrimentally effecting your stores search marketing efforts NOW! Secrets that your competitors are probably at fault of doing as well. What better strategic advantage than to know about it and take the simple steps to correct them. No longer costing you money, and moving you above your competitors on the search engines.

My first question for Jeff was this:
What makes SEO in eCommerce different than regular SEO efforts?

He answers with some amazing information that truly sets him apart from any other SEO expert. Breaking down what all eCommerce stores need to focus on when it comes to mastering search traffic, and provides a level of knowledge that is deep but also simplistically explained. We cover everything from various tags and snippets of code that could seriously change your life to onsite content, extensions, apps and various tools specific to SEO in eCommerce you should not live without.

If your mind is not eating data like a mouse on a Cheese Whiz pretzel my mind will be blown!

Enjoy 🙂

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