Simple eCommerce Tax Tips YOU Need to Know

A Conversation with Craig Cody

I have to admit, when I was first approached to have Craig on the show I was a little skeptical, who wants to listen to two guys talk about taxes after all. Then I started to think, yes hard to believe (as my wife might say)! I realized that thousands of dollars could be saved if you run your business from a perspective of or at least the consideration of tax implications.

Besides who better to have on a call then a former New York Poice officer turned Tax Consultant and CPA!? A Canadian eCommerce professional and a New Yorker Tax specialist, can you think of two better accents to have on one show? Seriously, if you can tell me and I will try and make that happen for you!

Seriously though, from the streets of New York to teaching you some of the best Tax Tips specific to eCommerce businesses. I have to admit my first thought that this show may just be a big YAWN was turned on its head when I got this New Yorker on the line and he blew my mind with knowledge drops all about tax savings and how you could save thousands. He even has a free guide you can download directly on his site, see the link below.


Links from the Cast:
Website: Get his FREE Report – 10 Biggest Tax Mistakes That Cost Business Owners Thousands
LinkedIn: Craig Cody CPA
Twitter: @craigc2742

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