Skyrocket Revenues: Use Tech to build Artificially Intelligent Sales Teams

Branden Moskwa’s suggestions on how to incorporate the latest Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning technologies into your eCommerce stores

With all the latest advancements in tech and rapidly changing environment, how does one not only compete but stay ahead? Firstly I would say its by not falling behind, secondly, by making small inroads. You need not reinvent the wheel or equip yourself with technological advancements that are FAR beyond the realistic needs of your business and brand. Beit full strategies for IoT adoption or simple changes to your eCommerce operations the use of Artificial Intelligence can be incorporated relatively simply with the achievement of not only momentum on that proverbial flywheel, but also incorporated in such a way to actually build artificially intelligent sales teams.

Today I run guestless (OK A FEW SOUNDBITES from other shows) but I walk you through some simple ways to start the adoption of Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Big Data Analysis and overall use of various cognitive technologies. I do gear todays discussion more towards the incorporation of chatbots, love them or hate them, this podcast should educate you about them!


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About Branden Moskwa

He is the co-founder of calls him remarkably innovative. IBM says he is one of the industry's brightest minds, and SAP refers to him as one of the industry's top players. Branden has been quoted by and CDW and his company was recognized for being one of the top 5 most innovative companies by SBBC.