The Technology Impact On Retail, Today, Tomorrow And Beyond

If you’re curious about the technology impact on retail listen to the experts in retail and ecommerce square off. With insights from the retail doc Nicole Reyhle and Branden Moskwa.

It was my pleasure to have two of my favorite people in retail on the show at the podcasting booth at SHOP.ORG this year. The Retail Doc Bob Phibbs and Retail Minded CEO Nicole Reyhle. They had some amazing and surprising thoughts and insights on Technology’s impact on Retail as we discussed everything from the current state of retail as they see it to the future of chatbots. Most shocking was being told that my first question was “Stupid”, but that’s Bob he tells you what he thinks, and that’s why I like him!

Both of today’s guests were also on previous podcasts but today was special as I squared off with The Retail Doc about the technology impact on retail.

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Show Notes: The Technology Impact on Retail

“I am a huge fan of Brick and Mortar, I have always been a huge fan of Brick and Mortar and I don’t think Brick and Mortar is going anywhere.” – Nicole Reyhle

“Digital is part of that omnichannel experience that leads consumers to purchase.” – Nicole Reyhle

“Digitial is very influential in the experience of consumers.” – Nicole Reyhle

“Physical Brick and Mortar is very much alive and well.” – Nicole Reyhle

“That’s a STUPID QUESTION! Because at the end of the day radio shack would not be saved by digital.” – Bob Phibbs, The Retail Doc

“I do not believe retail is great, I do not believe that brick and mortar store is Polyana, I’m sorry the reality is we have too many places to buy too much of the same thing.” – Bob Phibbs, The Retail Doc

“He has lead a MOVEMENT, and that is what retail CAN DO!” (About James Ree of Ashley Stewart) – Bob Phibbs, The Retail Doc

“I believe that the employees are such a pulse point, amongst consumers and the influence of those retailers in which they are representing.” – Nicole Reyhle

“Retailers are all too often so excited about all these digital innovations and all these tech and social media that they forget that the heartbeat to there store is actually that interaction” – Nicole Reyhle

“At that point, why not fly a drone through the damn thing because nobody is going to care!” – Bob Phibbs, The Retail Doc

“Amazon is like a search engine connected to a warehouse, google doesn’t even have that.” – Bob Phibbs, The Retail Doc

“Show me a brand like Ashley Stewart, and I’ll tell you that should be the future of retail.” – Bob Phibbs, The Retail Doc

“People shop because they are hopeful, they want to change there life, she just had a baby, he’s getting married, we’re starting a garden whatever, and they walk in and they meet nothing but price and promotion.” – Bob Phibbs, The Retail Doc

“You have got to connect with my heart.” – Bob Phibbs, The Retail Doc

“Sentiment drives purchases.” – Nicole Reyhle

“As a consumer sentiment is delivered to me through human experiences.” – Nicole Reyhle

“Online is rats to the cheese.” – Bob Phibbs, The Retail Doc

“The in-store experiences I got I did not enjoy, and so I just said, well I can go online and buy this.” – Branden Moskwa

“My general thoughts on chatbots, … is that there is a purpose for it, it offers opportunity, but it needs to be strategically identified for each unique retailer as to how it’s used.” – Nicole Reyhle

“How do we increase conversions by people, not by widgets!?” – Bob Phibbs, The Retail Doc

“There’s a lot about chatbots that make sense… get those 10 questions everybody answers that saves me time” – Bob Phibbs, The Retail Doc

“Online to me is artificial anyways, so why not use Splenda and why not use VR.” – Bob Phibbs, The Retail Doc

“I think the small passionate brands still can do it, they’ve got a following and people feel something.” – Bob Phibbs, The Retail Doc

“We just want someone to say, tell me your story and be heard, that’s it, in a nugget that’s what great customer service is.” – Bob Phibbs, The Retail Doc

“I hear you, I welcome you, let me share something from myself.” – Bob Phibbs, The Retail Doc

“Retail is on fire right now, I just say it doesn’t have to be you!” – Bob Phibbs, The Retail Doc

“You don’t have the luxury of a negative thought, you better get back to basics which is what is happening in our stores at a human level.” – Bob Phibbs, The Retail Doc

“Just keep your eyes open, because if you’re not paying attention your going to miss out!” – Nicole Reyhle

“Listen, learn, react … and obviously stay centered within your core business and employees that ultimately will capture the dollars and attention from consumers.” – Nicole Reyhle

“In sales, we call it a lead, it’s a Damn GIFT! … that gift that’s up to you to unwrap.” – Bob Phibbs, The Retail Doc

“Be starstruck, treat them like royalty, get their autograph.” – Nicole Reyhle

Links from the Cast:
Nicole Reyhle, Founder of & Author of Retail 101
Twitter: @RetailMinded
Instagram: @RetailMindedWorld
RetailMinded: a retail lifestyle publication

Bob Phibbs, The Retail Doc
Retail Doc Website:
SalesRX: Online Sales Training
Twitter: @theretaildoctor
LinkedIn: Bob Phibbs

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He is the co-founder of calls him remarkably innovative. IBM says he is one of the industry's brightest minds, and SAP refers to him as one of the industry's top players. Branden has been quoted by and CDW and his company was recognized for being one of the top 5 most innovative companies by SBBC.