The 5 MOST Dangerous Trends in Ecommerce

When looking for an edge, look no further than these not so secret, but overlooked trends in ecommerce.

These five MOST dangerous trends in ecommerce could be your keys to ecommerce success.

Turning your online store into an ecommerce powerhouse can be a little overwhelming. At times, simply turning a profit can be hard enough!

Being that my livelyhood relies on the success of ecommerce businesses everywhere, I felt it was my obligation to be sure that ecommerce businesses are as successful as possible. In doing this I have personally underwritten the costs of the research I not only present here in today’s podcast but also cover in my FREE Masterclass and speaking engagements.

The findings are not only valued but can be the catalyst to success or outright failure.

The 5 most dangerous trends in ecommerce, which I speak of in this podcast can and will propel any ecommerce business to success if implemented correctly. Keeping in mind, you need not do them all, but should at the very least be congnisant of each of these trends.

These trends can be found below, along with links to further podcasts and content covering each in more detail:

1. Open source vs Hosted eCommerce Platforms
2. Zuckerberg Effect
3. The Checkout Headache
4. Automation & Integration
5. Customization is Key

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