Using Creativity & Collaboration, Embodying Purpose & Fusing Content Into Commerce

A Conversation with Billee Howard, CEO of Brandthropologie Media and Author of We Commerce

What a treat it was to speak with Billee a real Dynamo and a true authority on the power of creativity and collaboration. She really sums it up best when she says, “If you inculcate creativity, storytelling and purpose directly into your business strategy as opposed to using them as tools to talk about your business strategy that’s really where the paradigm shift is and if you can understand that you really can do a lot to not only be successful but hopefully also be a leader in your space.”

It’s time to turn up the headphones, you don’t want to miss a second of this podcast.

Show Notes:

“People want to buy the why and the who today, not the what, and that comes down to authentic experiences.”

“In the past corporate responsibility was a siloed function … today that focus needs to be part of the day to day strategy”

“The sweet-spot is … where culture and commerce collide.”

“Whats really interesting about authenticity is that it’s enabled smaller brands to have a competitive advantage over bigger brands.”

“Bigger is no longer better.”

“It’s also about having the ability to tell stories in creative ways that connect with people.”

“Infuse an authentic brand voice into the interactions … with consumers.”

“Fuse content with commerce in ways that matter.”

“It’s not just content for content sake and commerce for commerce sake.”

“Collaboration as a result of all of these societal and cultural shifts needs to be viewed within organizations, not as an activity but a strategy.”

“Creativity as a competitive differentiator in business and story telling not as a vehicle of awareness but as a business competency”.

“This New Era of artist of Business, I don’t think you can be in business today without having a through line to creativity”

“We are in a period of transformation I think that perhaps we haven’t seen since perhaps the industrial revolution.”

“Instead of seeing change as something that is bad, see change as something that is GREAT and is really a pathway to the future.”

“Embracing change and this period of disruption… to do things, take risks seize opportunities that perhaps didn’t exist in the past, that’s what I would encourage people to go out and do.”

“There has never been a greater time to be an entrepreneur, there’s never a better time to be a creative minded entrepreneur.”

“Being a niche player has never been more important.”

“Technology is many things, but it’s most important to be seen as the great equalizer.”

“Really go out and live your dreams…and in order to do that you have to do one thing that I think is really important and that is to have an appetite or willingness to push yourself to be uncomfortable.”

“Comfort is synonymous with complacency and the only way that you can accelerate to greatness is by constantly pushing yourself to be a little bit uncomfortable.”

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