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A Conversation with Chris Boaz, Head of Marketing at Addressy

Chris Boaz an amazing speaker and awesome guest! It is my pleasure to bring Chris on the show to talk about address auto-completion and address verification. Sexy eh! well like Chris says so well, it’s “a really small part of the checkout process, but an important one.” Perhaps the most powerful part of a checkout or a website, in general, is making things easy for the customer. This is particularly important on the checkout pages, but not only will making this simple change improve conversion rates, but it will also lead to fewer issues with incorrect addresses and delivery related headaches. Best of all, it’s probably one of the simplest changes to make on an eCommerce store.

So ignore today’s podcast at your own peril especially if you are not using any sort of address verification technologies, if you are, well it’s still worth the listen because there are some amazing nuggets of knowledge and besides isn’t it great to hear you’re doing things RIGHT?!

Show Quotes:

“Predicatively display results based on users location.”

“Removing friction from the checkouts while also ensuring that the application collects the most accurate data at the point of entry.”

“Every database is only as good as the data that is within it, we all know that.”

“On average the cost of a failed delivery to a retailer is just over $17/failed delivery.”

“It’s about having the technology in place.”

“It’s really important that the customer experience is flawless from the order to delivery.”

“Just under 80% of consumers expect the retailer to resolve any issues when it comes to failed deliveries”.

“57% of consumers interviewed said they would not shop with a retailer again if they had a poor delivery experience.”

“It’s bigger than just the financial implications per unit, it’s about the widespread and downstream issues that failed delivery can have on your brand.”

“That’s something that retailers need to be thinking about, they can’t be thinking about individual orders they need to be thinking about customer experience and customer relationships.”

“There are wide-spread implications to getting deliveries wrong… and its a fairly simple issue to fix.”

“Over 61% of users would abandon a cart if they encountered an issue.”

“Having a fantastic customer experience online is going to provide many downstream benefits.”

“We are a really small component of the checkout, but we are a critical one.”

“Customer experience … think of it as the overall picture.”

Links from the Cast:
LinkedIn: Chris Boaz
Website: Address verification made easy
Twitter: @AddressyUSA
Twitter: @chrisboaz

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