What Kindness Has To Do With Ecommerce

Other than when I speak of retail and Customer Service, I don’t really focus much of my podcast on the human side of ecommerce. That is in some ways a mistake, because at the source of your business it all revolves around human beings. Not computers, Artificial intelligence, Machine Learning, data, algorithms, apps, integrations, the list is never ending.

What about things like kindness, compassion, humour (well I did do a podcast on humour once). Regardless, there is a lot to be said about the human element in ecommerce and business in general. Kindness to me is one of the key success factors in life, and critical to success in business. Sure you see a lot of a$$ho1es making good money but, let’s not focus on the 1%, or even the inhumane. Let’s talk today about kindness, how it should be applied to all parts of life and what kindness has to do with ecommerce in general.

Enjoy the show.

Don’t forget to be kind

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