Easily Understand Millennials and Start Increasing Retail Profits

A Conversation with Jasmine Glasheen, Writer. Generational Marketer. Speaker & Journalist.

Glasheen’s generational insights and thought leadership have been quoted in Forbes and in RetailDive. Additionally, she is a featured panelist on RetailWire’s BrainTrust forum and a regular contributor to various publications in the retail, business and technology sectors including: Star Cloud Services, CART, RetailWire, A2R, and RetailNext… among many others.

Ignore the reality of generational marketing at your own peril, 22 minutes could change the entire way you think and transform your business!

Show Quotes:

“Generation Z, which has also been called Millenials on steroids because they kind of take millennial values to the next level.”

“They want to know how their purchase fits into a global framework.”

“It’s not the death of retail, its the death of over generalization.”

“Specialization is the future of retail, with the younger generations.”

“The most relevant experience is always going to be in store.”

“When your company starts to get a bad reputation, it’s really hard to come back from.”

“Everything is so transparent now.”

“Everyone knows how a brand is functioning and how everybody is being treated.”

“Generation Z is incredibly skeptical of advertising, they want to feel like they found the product themselves.”

“It’s kind of the antithesis of how generation X shopped.”

“That also the buying mindset that’s prevalent during that period.”

“Its the mentality of the time.”

“To really define a shopper you need to be using personalization algorithm, or meeting and tracking them on an individual basis to know their buying preferences.”

“When you talk about generations, it’s just a framework for understanding the cumulative experiences and therefore buying mindset in general of people born in a certain time.”

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