10 ways to SUPERCHARGE Entrepreneurial Pursuits

A Conversation with Jeff Alpaugh

This guy had to come dressed in one of “The World’s Most Dangerous Dress Shirts” because he brought it! He gets real with his journey into dress shirts and offers practical advice for today’s entrepreneur. If you only listen to one cast, this is it!!

10 Jeff Alpaugh Quotes – “They are ALL Dangerous”

“Custom is the most beautiful word in the English language.”

“Express your individuality”

“…they want to go to a company where they can see a face and a person and know that someone would stand behind that what they are offering.”

“I don’t think we trust big institutions anymore, we now want to deal with people!”

“Young entrepreneurs are worried about how to present themselves … you gotta be yourself.”

“Be yourself, that’s going to attract others to you.”

“You may not attract everyone, but, you will attract YOUR PEOPLE”

“All the big guys, they are QUIRKY MAN, they are custom, and they don’t try and hide it!”

“Do YOU, and do it WELL!”

“Authentic, Hardworking, that’s the KEY!”

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