How to use Data to increase sales on any eCommerce site

A Conversation with Murray Ivanoff, CEO & Founder of Metrillo

With a true love for data, and a passion for making this data something that the everyday eStore owner can not only make sense of but use to increase and generate revenues. I caught up with Murray and (Silent) Petar late in their evening, after a VERY long day, but these guys are on fire!

10 Quotes – Murray Ivanoff Quotes – I’m going to Bed!

“I’m a data freak and have always been like this.”

“A lot of people struggled to use their data.”

“Running a data platform is really a nightmare, but it’s been fun and we love every minute of it.”

“It’s really amazing to see what those guys (eCommere stores) are doing at the moment.”

“Knowing that you are making an impact on people all around the world, and knowing that you help them run their business in a better way is what really pumps us up.”

“Organize your data into one single place.”

“Know what the correlations are, between people who buy product A also buy product B.”

“Act on the data”

“Every person knows their business the best and the human brain cannot be replaced by an algorithm.”

“We use AI in terms of understanding the data”

“About AI!? No, I think that’s it, we are good!” – (Silent) Petar

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