Everything You Need To Cut Acquisition Costs

Another Conversation with Whitney Blankenship Content Marketing Manager at divvit.

I had the privilege of having Whitney on the show about 20+ episodes ago and knew then that I had to have her back. To say she brought her A game would be an understatement, she loads you full of so much knowledge that after listening to this podcast you would have to be well… I don’t know, let’s just say if you apply even one thing she talks about in this show you’re going to going to make more profits! Whitney is an eCommerce genius and she absolutely kills it on today’s show, so tune now for something better than any mic drop, and absolute knowledge drop!

Show Quotes:

“If you decrease your acquisition costs while maintaining your revenue, you make more money.”

“One of the best ways to decrease your acquisition costs is by focusing in on the right customer.”

“It always costs so much more to acquire a new customer than it does to retain an old one.”

“Perfect your unique selling point, whats your point of differentiation, what makes you special?”

“It doesn’t matter what your unique selling point is, but its got to be enough to tip your customer to buy in your store, over the competitor.”

“Focus on the right customer and make sure you’re zeroing in on the right people at the right time.”

40% of all online revenue comes from only 8% of customers, and these are repeat customers.
– Adobe Digital Index Report

“Calculating your Customer lifetime value is one of the best ways to figure out which of your customers are your best customers.”

“Focus on your customer and provide an amazing customer experience from A to Z.”

“It’s also important to look at your marketing channels and to make sure you’re getting the biggest ROI on each channel.”

“Ask yourself, is the money your making from that channel worth the time, the energy you’re putting into it, and ask yourself if its worth the money.”

“If you don’t have a marketing persona, make one! Get it done!”

“If you ever want to see user-generated content that absolutely kills, absolutely nailed just spot on, look at ModCloth.”

“One day I am going to write an article on why ModCloth is the perfect eCommerce, they just slay it in every single area.”

“How are you going to keep your customers happy if your not willing to sit face to face with them and hear what they have to say about your product.”

“Have an intimate knowledge with your data.”

“Your data is going to tell you everything you ever need to know about just about anything regarding your business.”

“If you understand what that data is trying to tell you is going to make your life so much easier.”

“Stay on top of your data, make sure that you know and that understand it.”

Links from the Cast:
LinkedIn: Whitney Blankenship
Website: Make Better Decisions with Divvit Analytics
Twitter: @whitblankenship
Twitter: @DivvitHq

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