Expert Dropshipping Advice & How to dominate in eCommerce

A Conversation with Jeffrey Tottenham

Dropshipping Expert & coach Jeffrey Tottenham, provides some amazing dropshipping advice from exactly where he spends his marketing dollars to securing the right suppliers.

He’s a rough cut, no-nonsense, hard work and hustle kind of guy who applies this style to his daily grind in eCommerce. A real down to earth dude working in the trenches applying what he knows, making mistakes but owning what he does to carve out his space in his niche.

He’s not about to tell you its all roses and you just have to build it and they will come, he’s the first to admit that it takes a lot of hard work! But also the first to tell you if your willing to work for it the opportunities are out there. He’s a real pro, a coach with drop ship lifestyle and store owner who is willing to share his hard-earned lessons with those who are eager to apply themselves to the journey of success.

If you had to pick just one podcast with a range of valuable insights this is it!

Show Quotes:

Altogether I struck out on like 4 websites before I had something stick.

It was rough man, I mean I was all in you know, just grinding like 15 hours a day to get this thing off the ground and it ended up paying out!

I’m not where I want to be, but I’m making a living at this and its a semi-passive type of income so its phenomenal.

I love this business man!

People could benefit from all the mistakes I’ve made.

A lot of times, I bump into people and they think they could just do it on the side, like its a hobby or something!

If you were to buy a brick and mortar store… you’re not going to be able to work just a couple hours a day to get it off the ground!

A lot of the mistakes I see, it that people don’t do enough market research, they don’t dig in enough… to make sure its something that you could grow and has potential to be big in the future.

If you get into the wrong niche you may not have enough funding to get things off the ground.

Get into a niche and be very specific with what your site sells so that your almost like the expert in that category.

The foundation of your business, in the beginning, is the PLA, because you can immediately start driving relevant traffic to your site.

The most important things to look at are:
1. Less than 10 competitors in the PLA’s.
2. Is the MAP pricing being enforced?
3. I need to find 20-30 suppliers.

There is a lot of nonsense going on out there!

If you really do your homework and your trying to create a REAL business and you’re really putting your effort in, the sky’s the limit.

There are plenty of opportunities out there, you just have to put the work in, that’s all it boils down to!

When you’re doing eCommerce, you can get a bad name so quickly!

Everything has to be all on point.

With eCommerce, I find its a game of numbers, the more products you get on your site…

With paid advertising I’m using:
1. Google Product Listing Ads
2. Bing Product Listing Ads
3. Facebook Retargeting
4. Instagram Retargeting
… and that is all my paid media.

I went in pretty big with my email marketing

The email marketing, if you get that right, your abandoned carts, asking for customer referrals, all that… I’ve seen a huge growth in my business with that.

I basically try and prioritize based on what I can get my greatest return on my efforts for. + Simprosys InfoMedia (google shopping apps) = Game changer

It’s these little things man, and you’ve just got to work towards it!

If you’re looking to get into eCommerce, you’ve got to realize the work is frontloaded

You have to rapidly educate yourself and stay ahead of things

Keep yourself sharp, because it just changes so quickly.

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