How to Automate for Successful eCommerce Growth

A Conversation with Charles Palleschi
There are all sorts of areas you can look at automating, in fact, you can almost automate your entire business when it comes to eCommerce. That said, its important to look at processes that may not require humans OR humans can actually slow or muddy the process. I prefer to lookat areas of operations leaving the marketing and the customer service side to the humans (to some degree). If you know me you know I LOVE automating and the posers of AI to assist in making everything that much quicker and easier. That said, there certainly is a delicate balance, and in todays show we talk about how to automate your business to scale it and GROW. Lets talk about the super sexy areas of Inventory, Orders and Tracking and all the things you need to think about when looking to automate these areas of your eCommerce business. Charles Palleschi should know he’s done it himself, lived through the pains of the manual processes and the pains of building out the automated processes.

Show Quotes:

“You don’t want to over-automate, but there is a balance.”
– Charles Palleschi

“We are never going to be able to automate 100% of your site, there is always going to be that 1% edge case … requiring the humans to come in and help.”
– Charles Palleschi

“It’s like installing a heating system in your basement; it’s not the most fun thing to talk about … but if it does its job your house will be warm for the next 10 years.”
– Charles Palleschi

“Let them focus on the actual things humans should be focusing on.”
– Charles Palleschi

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