How To Be Convenient And Why It Matters

A Conversation with Shep Hyken
It was my pleasure to speak with Shep today. I have gotten to know Shep over the years and he never ceases to amaze me with his positivity and his energy and massive knowledge in the area of customer service.

Shep is a New York Times best-selling author and Award-winning Keynote speaker whose insights have and will continue to shape the customer service industry. He has recently turned his focus to what he is calling the Convenience Revolution (Book is currently in pre-release). A book that covers in detail the 6 concepts we discuss on today’s show about convenience in customer service, and the bridge it shares in today’s online eCommerce world. Why you NEED to focus on convenience and practical examples of companies doing it right!

Before I had ever met Shep, I had heard a story about a taxi driver that made me completely rethink customer service and essentially changed my life. I had always thought about customer service as an important part of the whole, but was not until I heard this story that I really started to make changes to the direction of my life and the importance of “Being Amazing”. The worst thing of all was it was not until I had met Shep and returned home that I realized that he was the storyteller of this amazing true story that happened to him. Now I know that this particular story is a little dated, and we do not really get into the details of this in the show, but to me, it speaks of the impact a great storyteller can have on one’s life. So listen today for some amazing new concepts about convenience and how this revolution could change your life.

Show Quotes:
They are comparing you to the best company they have ever done business with

Customer experience and service has become an expectation

What some of the true great companies have been doing … they are more convenient to do business with.

Its all about convenience and people are willing to pay more.

Every aspect of convenience has something to do with reducing friction

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Website: Be Convenient
Twitter: @Hyken
Facebook: Shep Hyken Speaker
LinkedIn: Customer Service and Experience Expert, Keynote Speaker and Bestselling Author

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