How To Become A Successful Amazon Seller

A Conversation with Sophie Howard

When it comes to a practical down to earth and realistic yet FAST growth approach to building a successful Amazon business this is the show you NEED to listen to. It was a rather refreshing show today to hear from someone who has successfully built and sold 2 Amazon businesses and is now working on the third. The best thing about it is that her focus is on truly helping others do what she has done, and that is creating lucrative passive income streams.

She focuses not on the niche products per se, but certainly not the Amazon top sellers, and this model works. She is finding and doing things her way and this is the best part of it all. She grows the businesses without giving away any product and focusing on PROFIT not sales!

If I were looking to start selling online and wanted to look to Amazon as a passive income stream for myself, I would most certainly listen to this podcast. It’s going to open your eyes and challenge your imagination in ways you would never have thought of before.

Helping Dreamers Find Smart, Passive Income to Enjoy Financial Freedom

Sophie teaches a very different approach to product selection, sourcing and making sure your Amazon business is resilient, profitable and sellable.


Here’s Sophie:

Website: The Most Profitable, Scalable Online Products Business Can be Built on Amazon
LinkedIn: Sophie Howard

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