How To Cut Your eCommerce Shipping Expenses

A Conversation with Tommaso Tamburnotti, co-founder of EasyShip
Did you know that you could potentially cut shipping expenses by nearly 70%! Did you know that you have the capabilities to ship internationally and really without a lot of burdens or heavy lifting on your end? You need not be a multi-billion or even a multi-million dollar organization to reap some of the benefits discussed in today’s shows and really start offering your customers more choices increasing their overall satisfaction while reducing YOUR costs at the same time.

Shipping expenses, single vendor discounts or multiple vendor options? Does your customer want the lowest rates on shipping or do they want it there quickly, are they willing to pay more for speed? Did you know that there are also a million and one different hidden costs that courier companies get you on, things like last mile vendors that add to the fees when shipped to somewhat remote areas that the average person would not have known was really remote?

Shipping itself can take away from your bottom line, especially when a product is lower cost, but may be bigger in size or simply heavy. It can be a frustrating game and a daunting world, that of the shipping industry, and simply fulfilling the orders that you work so very hard to get.

Discounted shipping rates by using one service may not always be your best option and on today’s call, we talk about all the ways you can sell not only to your existing local or national market but could also expand to an international stage while at the same time cutting your shipping costs.


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