How To Grow Your Retail Business To Achieve Freedom

A Conversation with Salena Knight, Helping independent retailers have a profitable retail business

It’s always an interesting topic to me when we discuss systemizing yourself out of a job, but really that should be the overall goal of any business owner if they want to be able to grow a business which they could one day walk away from. If you even consider some of the thoughts mentioned in this podcast as a way to give yourself a little more freedom from your daily tasks that in itself will create a huge lift of stress off of your shoulders. One thing you hear in the voice of Salena Knight is a jovial spirit. One focused on giving and really at the heart of all when you look at her pictures she is ALWAYS smiling, and I would be willing to bet she was smiling throughout this podcast as well. Its one of those traits that have a funny way of being heard in the spoken word and something that draws me to listen to this podcast. If you want a healthy dose of tips tricks and uplifting advice as to how to successfully grow your retail business both online and off then click that little button below and start listening now!


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