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What App should I integrate in my online store, is a subject etailers routinely ask about.

My answer is always the same: it depends!

Now that may sound strange coming from an ecommerce coach, but let me explain.

I can start with the somewhat cliched response, “Every store is different”.

Or “Well it depends on what you want to achieve”

Both are cliched, but do hold some merit, but the truth lies so much deeper than a surface level answer. First, you need to know how many other integrations you’re running, how many apps, plugins extensions, custom API integrations may be in place. All of which may add to the site, but they may also slow things down for your overall customer experience. (YOU DO NOT WANT THIS!).

So adding integrations simply because there is a super cool new AI tool out there that claims 30% boost in sales is a mistake. This also leads to the next part of the cliche; What do you want to achieve? Obviously, you want more sales, higher conversion rates, all commonly focused on KPI’s, BUT, what about reducing the overhead from those behind the desk. For example, you can boost sales, but can you fulfill those sales in time? Is your supply chain ready to handle a sudden bump in sales? Is the increase in sales going to hurt you because now you’re out of stock on a product that you are FINALLY ranking for on google?

Like I said it’s a rather deep question, and this is why I laugh when I read Quora answers on this sort of question. That said, these are the high level items that I suggest you keep in mind as you start exploring outside tools on your site.

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