Marketers: Really Start to Leverage Machine Learning

A Conversation with Anil Batra and Jerry Abiog of DXI

In today’s day and age, we as eCommerce professionals need to be up on the trends, especially when something as significant as Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence is no longer a trend but a very real and very competitive means of doing business. In today’s podcast, we discuss how DXI is providing marketers with the insights and automated processes to not only convert customers but understand who are the viable prospects worth pursuing further as well as winning back those customers who are otherwise hibernating.

Show Quotes:

Marketers are still struggling with how to use this information – Anil Batra

How do marketers really start to leverage machine learning – Anil Batra

People really want to use all this data that is collected from different sources bring it together, learn from it and apply it to drive their business forward. – Anil Batra

Data is a means to an end, not an end by itself. – Anil Batra

A good thing about machine learning and the data sciences aspect behind it, it that it can help companies of all sizes. – Jerry Abiog

Its a more pinpointed and targetted approach to marketing vs the typical spray and pray method that some marketers use these days. – Jerry Abiog

Not every person who arrives on your website… is a prime candidate for you to be spending your energy on. – Anil Batra

Are they even interested in buying? – Anil Batra

Find people who might be hibernating… you don’t want them to laps or churn. – Anil Batra


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