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A Conversation with Brian Moran, Founder of SamCart

I met with Brian Moran, baseball lover, and eCommerce Superstar, to share his insights and lessons he covers in his Masterclass and he did not disappoint! Brian brings it home with this cast and really gives listeners not only some very sound advice but practical thoughts and dose of reality! I left the show rather motivated, but when I re-listened to the advice on this show I was ready to start selling more online myself, and not only that, had some real changes to make to some of my current marketing efforts. His tips for choosing products are similar to those you have heard other experts on the show talk about with his own unique twist and conversion tips are amazing.


Quotes and Show Notes:

“It’s going to be tough in the beginning… There is no such thing as an overnight success!”

“The way you make part of it easy is by creating products around a topic you are passionate about.”

“Just taking action is going to give you to be more value then you could ever get from doing,
Marketing Research, sending out surveys… creating business plans, buying an LLC … all that stuff is an absolute waste of time in the beginning!”

“Most of us over think it way way too much in the beginning, and it kills out momentum, and it sucks all the fun out of it!”

Paid Traffic: “Truth is… to build a million dollar or 10 million dollar business that is how you’re going to do it PERIOD!”

“Something to sell, people to sell it too… Now you need a way to sell it!”

Three Steps Most important to having on every single sales page:
1. PROOF – Backup your Claim!
2. Explain the Benefits!
3. Money Back Guarantee.

“Proof is the Number one element … and the number one element we forget to include!”

“Just by adding proof to some pages, we have seen sales increase by 40, 50 60%”

“Translating features into benefits brings the product to life.”

“Back your statements up!”
Example: In chapter 1 you’re going to learn X, which is going to help you with Y!

“Explain to them what the end RESULT of the feature is.”

“Of over 1/4 million orders every month we find that those with the lowest refund rates are those with the longest guarantee period.”

“It can be scary to give customers a guarantee for an extended period… But imagine what that does to your customer’s brain!”

“You have got to have something to sell, and take action!”


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