Absolutely Essential Ways to Reduce Stress and Supercharge Efficiency

A Conversation with Nathaniel Schooler, co-founder of Next Level Podcast & Profile Jetpack

Nathaniel Schooler is a superstar, a LinkedIn Power Profile Award Winner, Official IBM Futurist, Writer & Brand Marketer. It was rather interesting listening to him talk about the power of 52-minute sprints to maximize time and all things communication. To the point that he believes that you can lower your stress and increase your personal time management skills through quality communications and the focused execution of a communications plan. Think the Elevator pitch on steroids!

If you don’t really care about improving your time management skills or think you have your communications strategy nailed down, then skip ahead to 16:30 to simply hear a Brit pardon his French!

Show Notes:

“Work fills available time!”

“Certainly social media is a place that people waste a lot of time!”

“People are permanently distracted by disruptions and interruptions.”

“There is a myth around multitasking, multitasking in fact, for 98% of people is completely unproductive.”

“When you get interrupted it reduced productivity by around 40%”

“Allocate time every day to do social media!”

“52 minutes of really focused work, and at the end of that … break for 17.”

“This is where the elevator pitch comes from.”

“Explain why you’re different, why you’re better…, what gives you authority and credibility, and obviously what do you do CLEARLY!

“People try and be all things to all people, and actually, that is a lack of productivity in itself.”

“If you’ve got your wording wrong, everything’s a waste of Friggin time, excuse my FRENCH!”

“Just Don’t be distracted!”

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